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EFX Moto MTC Tires

There is nothing that performs better as a “all in one atv tire” the Moto MTC atv tire is a proven tire design that will continue to perform for many years to come.  It boasts a 6-Ply Construction with 1.25” lugs. The lugs are spaced just right to provide a smooth ride for a tire with deep lugs. This atv tire will climb rocks, grab roots, and work in light mud.  This atv tire wears well and provides performance for many miles.

  • Good on almost any riding condition
  • Strong bite at low speeds
  • Great looking tread pattern

**This is for Quantity of 1 - Wheels not included**


EFC Moto MTC Tires are available in 26x9x14, 26x11x14, 28x10x14, 28x10x15, and 30x10x16

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2 Reviews

7th Nov 2012

great transaction

Great job, thanks

14th Aug 2012

Great Tire

I have ran 2 sets of these tires. I got great tread life and durability out of this product. Traction is supurb, well over that of the Big Horns. I would recommend this tire to anyone wanting great traction for all types of riding while keeping handling as a top desire.

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