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MSA M12 Diesel 14x7 ATV Wheels on EFX 26 inch Moto MTC Tires

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M12 Diesel Mounted on Moto MTC tires

4 14x7 ATV Wheels, Comes with lugs, and Center Caps.

2- 26-9-14 Tires
2-26-11-14 Tires


The M12 Diesel by Motosport Alloys is a first for a couple reasons. This is the first wheel in our line up to carry the MSA bolt on cap and the first 15” wheel offered by MSA. This wheel boasts an Army Green version which must be seen in person to appreciate how Motosport Alloys pushes the design envelope. If you want a customized look you can add the yellow cap to the black finish or put the silver the cap on the green finish. Caution as this wheel will create “double-takes” on the trail by others admiring this incredible design.

  • Available in 15”
  • Bolt on MSA Cap
  • 14” available in Green, which looks great on Camo Colored quads
  • Lightweight virgin aluminum alloy used in Low Pressure Casting for high luster & low porosity
  • Lifetime structural warranty

There is nothing that performs better as a “all in one atv tire” the Moto MTC atv tire is a proven tire design that will continue to perform for many years to come.  It boasts a 6-Ply Construction with 1.25” lugs. The lugs are spaced just right to provide a smooth ride for a tire with deep lugs. This atv tire will climb rocks, grab roots, and work in light mud.  This atv tire wears well and provides performance for many miles.

  • Good on almost any riding condition
  • Strong bite at low speeds
  • Great looking tread pattern
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M12 (Diesel) with MotoMTC Tires
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5 Reviews

14th Feb 2013

awesome wheel and tire set!

The service was great! Fast transaction and delivery!! All hardware was complete and in no time wheels were installed!! Awesome! Awesome!

18th Aug 2012

Happy Campers

I bought 18 tires and wheels for mt 2 RZR,s and Canam Renegades which gave me 2 spares. The ride is much smoother than the Mudzillas I took off 2 of the machines. traction is good in mud and snow. As far as service and shipping, you underpromised and over delivered. your price was good too. They gave our machines a great new look.

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